December 13, 2014

Blaze : Chapter 1 : Part 2

So, this is the second part to my chapter one of Blaze : The Girl on Fire which is an Urban fantasy romance.It is a free series and is a cross between Amanda Hocking's Trylle Trilogy and the anime Flame Haze.
Hope you like it. If you haven't Read the Previous Post then here is the link....   Chapter 1 : Part 1

I buried my head In my hands.I can't believe It. Am I the only one with this weird disease of sleepwalking and setting my room on fire and why did it have to happen today of all days.

Suddenly the door burst open and I was blessed with the sight of a fire extinguisher and Mr.Smith. He prepared to extinguish the now stunted flames. But the dancing flames had other plans,they were not going to be put out so easily.

Like angry demons they charged towards him. Frightened he jumped back 2 feet in air and landed on top of Mrs.smith,his plump wife,who had followed him.She gasped as Mr.Smith's grey hair went inside her nose.

would've laughed. But after all they have done to put up with me these past two month and having already set this room on fire once before,laughing seemed like a bad idea.

“Blaze , are you alright ” Mr.smith asked while getting up.
“Of course she will be alright,it's not her first time” his wife said as she took her husbands arm and hoisted herself up ” call the fire department”.

“I am fine” I said. That's it, they are also gonna kick me out.

Hours later I sat in the dining room.It was still dark outside.The clock showed 2 'o'clock. It was embarrassing confronting the firemen. It was my sixth month in this locality and  this was my seventh time setting a  place on fire. I was known as the  Crazy Girl On Fire among them.Oh! I wish I could melt Into the ground.

Mr.smith cleared his throat.I gave up staring at the imaginary speck of dust on the wall and looked at him.
Mr. John Smith was in his early sixties. His hair had grayed on one sideand he had combed the thin and sparse strands to one side, his dark eyes rested under his thick eyebrows giving him a wizened owl look. For such an intelligent looking man, why did he had to go and marry Lauren.
“err, Blaze this must be hard for you”he said”but we don’t have choice . I don’t know how to say this but um” he was starting to mumble.

“you cant stay here any longer”Lauren cut right to the jugular. Her fake sugary voice was reserved for special people and and I was atleast seven miles away from that list. Figures, she was never on my list either. Mine was very short and Mr.Smith had a place in it.

She was in her early forties. With hair, a luminous yellow and eyes like a doe  she was still very beautiful but needless to say we don’t get on very well.

She thinks I am a useless, irresponsible piece of trash and I think she is a pompous, emptyheaded woman.

But there is one good quality about her(O.k there maybe many.But I am glossing over them) she has never joined the legions of other people and taunted me for my looks.

Yes I know I look different . My thick hair lies at my waist, in strands of red and orange, defying all attempts at naming their colour. I am settling for red tinted sunset orange. My eyes coloured same as my hair gave me a very unique appearance. Tag along with that my name ,Blaze, and I give people the impression of sprouting from fire.

Thankfully she hadn't even paid attention to that the first time I came to live here .She didn't blink,glare or even called me Hell's Spawn(I had quite  reputation in this locality) like so many previous others. She right out ignored me and I was grateful for that.

Both of them were now gazing  at the door. Willing it to open and let that wonderful someone to come in save them from this disaster(hint:me). If desperation was water , they produced enough to drown me in it.

 I was also waiting for their White Knight they called to rescue themselves from the red-headed fire dragon.

Suddenly the doorbell chimed.

He was here.

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