December 03, 2014

New Urban Fantasy Romance Series For Free

Hey everyone , I am thinking of starting a new urban fantasy romance series.I have currently titled it Spirit hunter: Hunt for the reaper Or alternatively reaper returns or return of the reaper. You are welcome to give your suggestions.
So now you might be thinking what is the story about.

In a world where humans and spirits coexist peacefully, there comes a spirits of vengeance, those who were murdered or those who were unjustly killed.
                                                 The ones with vengeance...

And to protect the humanity there rose a special group of people

                                                      The Spirit Hunters...........

Skyla Forrest is a 16 year old spirit hunter, one among its youngest and most promising recruits.Trouble brews when the legendary spirit of vengeance..The Reaper decides to pay her town a visit.
But work has nothing on the secrets she finds dragged into, of her hot neighbour and a vengeance-less ghost whose existence threatens the very foundation of her beliefs

When loyalties collide and love threatens to destroy her...the only one she will be able to turn to will be the one she had pledged to destroy.

Will she be able to hunt down this barbaric murderer or will the secrets of her new friends drown her.

Read to find out....

                  Spirit Hunter
                                              CHAPTER ONE : Part One                    

I held the gun close to my chest.

It gleamed in the pale moonlight sieving in through the holed curtains, illuminating me in its coolness, as I sat with my back against the sofa in the corner of the ancient hall. My position gave me a full view of the hall, while giving myself enough cover.

Where is fat king?i was getting impatient.

“Skyla, patience ALWAYS brings victory” I heard my dad’s voice in my head.

I wonder what my Mr. Perfect dad would have done if he had to work 16 hours straight to trace a bloody spirit, only to have him playing the waiting game with you. What’s more I got school tomorrow, well today, since its already three in the morning.

Guess being a sixteen year old(that means full time duty of a student plus being a single daughter is hard) and a spirit hunter  is not that easy. No wonder teenage hunters were quitting at such an alarming rate. The burden is nerve wracking.

But like my dad ,the grade A hunter David Forrest (not Bekham , though there are similarities) says “if you are here to become a hunter after watching some dumb movie with funny ghosts, then pack your bags this instant and get out. No one is going to make a movie for you , all you will be getting is a cheap coffin. But if you are willing to work hard to save people's lives without any care for your, them, welcome to the family”

I guess that about sums up what we hunters do the things we do.

My thoughts were interrupted by the sounds of rattling chains. My lips began twitching with excitement.

My grip hardens on my gun .With its bullet dipped in black rabbits blood, It was enough to take on the fat king.

The  rankling of chains repeated, from the middle of the room. He had not yet materialized. But the sound of his chains, proof of the days his land was looted, crown stolen, and he himself chained to the very chains I just heard jingling. His body eventually died, but his soul reborn again with a vengeance.

Vengeance defined spirits and nothing else. It would have been fine if they just killed whoever killed them. But no, some spirits just have to wipe out the entire humanity. Well that’s where we come in .

The spirit hunters.

 I concentrated my attention on the shapeless joining of white mist. The fat king as I rudely called him was reassembling into a more human but still ghost like shape.

First his arm appeared, the one I had burned using my blazinger. Slowing  the rest of his body appeared and at last his round fat face, which always twisted into a cruel smile before killing his victims,and which  was twisted into one right now.

He glared right at me.

His lips part, “you are a persistent one, my blue eyed hunter”. The last three words he says in an almost flirtatious voice.

I slowly get up, cautious. My legs unbended with a happy sigh.

He stroked his almost transparent, burnt arm(courtesy of me).

 In an instant, i took to blink, he turns from a flirting spirit into a one that is madly flying,eyes wild,TOWARDS ME.

Thats it for the first part.What do you think? I have tried to write it in present tense. But I am thinking of giving past tense a try. What do you think. Do let me know in the comment section.

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Love you

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