September 24, 2015

The Iron King by Julie Kagawa | A Review

This review was written by Aparna,  my dear friend and fellow book reader. She is the one who recommends most of the books I read, books I end up loving. So, I am really happy to have here here as a co-reviewer.
The book she is going to review today is the first in the Iron Fey series, The Iron King by Julie Kagawa.

Name: The Iron King (Book 1 in Iron Fey series)
Author: Julie Kagawa
Genres:Fantasy romance, Urban fantasy-Fae
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Something has always felt slightly off in Meghan's life, ever since her father disappeared before her eyes when she was six. She has never quite fit in at school…or at home. 

When a dark stranger begins watching her from afar and her prankster best friend becomes strangely protective of her, Meghan senses that everything she's known is about to change. But she could never have guessed the truth. 

For Meghan is the daughter of a mythical faery king…and a pawn in a deadly war. Now Meghan will learn just how far she'll go to save someone she cares about, stop a mysterious evil no faery creature dare face…and find love with a young prince who might rather see her dead than let her touch his icy heart.

 You know something is not right when you finish a book and realize that the most interesting character in it is a cat.Especially when you don't even really like cats.

This book is a mess of mixed feelings for me.It is the story of a girl who ventures into faery land to rescue her little brother,where she finds out that (gasp) she is a faery princess.Along the way,she falls headlong into adventures and meets many dangerous magical creatures.

What ruined it for me was the heroine- Meghan.Honestly,are all sixteen-year-olds supposed to be shallow and dumb?Even though she grows a spine occasionally,Meghan has a dangerous tendency to turn into a damsel in distress- a species which I have no patience for.

Her bestie,Puck, is a character with great potential, which sadly the author left unexplored.His fun and carefree nature is addictive but the focus is more on the other guy,Ash.

Ash is the typical YA hero with incredible good looks, fighting skills and a dark past.The chemistry between Ash and Meghan is slow burning and quite well-written.

And of course,Grimalkin!(aka the talking cat).He seemed to be the only one with a head on his shoulders which is capable of sound thought process.
He is cunning,scheming,arrogant,selfish and is generally way cooler than both the heroes of the book.

The book is fast-paced,engrossing and definitely a page turner.The plot,the settings are all good but the characters are not well-rounded and remain rather bland.All in all,The Iron King is a book which keeps you interested long enough to pick up the next book in the series, but not enough to root for the characters themselves.

Rating: 3/5

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