July 17, 2014

Read the First four lines and then you can choose. Write to done- scene stealers.

If you are a regular in the amazing website Write To Done , then you surely must know of the scene stealers they put up each month. They are for aspiring writers or anyone with a creative bend to their minds.
I am one such person and this scene stealer was part of developing a voice for your protagonist.
Last week only I wrote but it seems that I am unable to submit it online (sigh).
Guess I am too late .
But no worries, you are there right.
Oh! and read the first four lines after which you can decide if you want to stick with me or not.
And do tell me your responses. Do you want to know what happens after that !

So here it is.

I looked at the question: Who would you be if you could be anyone at all?
I decided to answer it.
I want to be my fathers murderer. I wrote and handed the questionnaire back to rabbit teethed doctor.
He read through it but stopped when he saw my last answer.
“You are supposed to write your ambition ” he sighed “I know what you have gone through. But it’s been six months. You’ve got to let go of the past and go forward”.
Anger flared in me.
“Did your father murder your mother and his two daughters because he thought she was sleeping with his brother” I asked.
“No, but I understand what you have gone through. If only you’ll let me help you” he said softly in a voice that marked him as a therapist.
“Shut up and don’t pretend like you understand me” I said and lifted up my tee shirt.
“Oh! “He gasped.
Three bullet marks adorned my body, forming a horizontal line below my chest.
A gift from my father.
For the first time Dr.james saw my bullet wounds and understood the depth of my hate.
And now he was silent.
I hated silence .
In silence ,I saw my drunken father, waving his gun.
The terrifying silence before the bullet ripped away from his gun and entered the bodies of my mother and my two sisters and then finally me.
Never in my sixteen years had I hated a man so much. He was now the sole reason for my continued existence. The moment he steps out from the safety of the prison I was gonna finish him.
“Your aunt is here to pick you up”  Dr James said getting up from his seat.
Kelly my father’s sister-in-law came in and hugged me.
I wriggled out of her arms and stamped out towards the car.
Kelly  followed me slowly.
 Suddenly a strong hand gripped my shoulder spinning me back. A tall man looked down on me and whispered .
“I can help you get your revenge” with that he walked away leaving me gaping.

There is a 350 words limit but I am itching to write more.But I don't know if the story is moving in the right direction.
Do let me know. Won't you ?

And this is the link to scene stealers of write to done .There are so many amazing stories in there.I loved it.

P.s : what should I name this story ?

'Kill dad' (that's creepy !)

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