August 06, 2014

Review P.S I Love You by Cecelia Ahern

Hey friends today I'm bringing you the review of this amazing book .The book is really awesome . And I am sure you must have heard about it , Wondering if it's your type or not.

Lets ask Devika,the author of this review.

Cecilia ahern shot to fame with her much acclaimed novel 'P.S I Love you' , I Think her fame and popularity is well deserved. Many many words can be used to describe the book but the one which comes to my mind is touching and heart warming.

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Holly's journey from a heart broken widow, living on widow's pension, to a successful professional  is beautiful. Gerry's letters to his wife symbolize & glorify that love is immortal & that is not affected by death. Gerry might be dead but he comes back alive to her through his letters.The letters teach her to laugh again, love again & also to learn to live once again.

Even though the book has a tragedy is the backdrop, it doesn't drop into a complete tragic style. It also has comic elements which will make you laugh a lot.
Holly's fortieth birthday bash is a fine example of this.

The books also shows the power of friendship.The kind of friendship that helps us to walk through even the strongest thorns.

As you may already know this book has already been made into a film of the same name.The movie was a hit.

This book  might not be in the same league as the classics. But it is a very heart touching tale . And for an author's first novel it's pretty amazing. I would suggest to give his book a try. I believe it won't be a waste of time.

And now for the rating

Rating : 4/5

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