January 02, 2015

Super Sunday- Super Covers #6

Time for another Super Sunday, Technically it is Super Saturday. But, I will be travelling on Sunday and Monday-back to college. I had spend a wonderful one month with my family. Well,actually I didn't get to spend much time with my family, since I was travelling and visiting my cousins. That time was not wasted since i always have a blast with them . How did you spend your Christmas holidays?
This time featuring on Super Saturday is a book by Ravinder Singh, his d├ębut best seller, which had the readers teaching for tissues. The initial cover of this romance  wouldn't have been featured here, but the revised cover is very beautiful. and has a dreamy quality to it.

So, let's see what's all this fuss I am making about.. Shall we.

Ta- Da

Title : I too Had a Love Story
Author : Ravinder Singh
Genres : Romance
Pages  : 199
Publisher :  Penguin India
Buy from : Amazon.in

(* the above is an amazon affiliate link)

Now About the book 

Happy endings are not for everyone, but when a relationship goes sour it does not necessarily mean that it has ended. Ravinder Singh tells us the tale of his love story where he loved and lost, but found something else in exchange. Based on a real-life story, the book is the author's debut novel that bares his love life for all to see.
The book begins with a reunion and takes us on the tumultuous journey of finding love in the 21st century. It entails the questioning of the truth in a love marriage where both parties have not even met each other. Tested by the hassles of the modern world we live in, I Too Had A Love Story, makes us want to know more about the fate of the lovebirds in the novel. Humorous and romantic, this book is for the curious who wonder how relationships are successful in this fast-paced century.
Love, a language that the whole world can understand, is portrayed beautifully in the context of the modern world without getting too sentimental or stoic.
With Saturday, Sunday gone....have a fun Monday.

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