February 18, 2015

Hidden Fire by Elizabeth Hunter | A Review

Hey there, been a while since I last wrote a review hasn't it. Sorry, I was confined to the bed due to a slight accident. Nothing serious, thank god. So anyway I thought I would go on a review marathon. Because I finished quite a few books when I was on bed rest. I am not going to post ten or twelve reviews today but rather I will write and say it. At least then I will be able to post regularly. So first up is paranormal romance HIDDEN FIRE by Elizabeth Hunter. It is the first book in the Elemental mystery series. I am glad I read it because this was a refreshing change from the usual romance that is dished out.

And here is the basic details about the book.

Title : Hidden Fire ( Elemental Mysteries 1)

Author : Elizabeth Hunter

Genre : Paranormal Romance, Vampires

Pages : 321

Buy from : Amazon.in 

Let me confess, my reason for choosing the book was its title. I always have loved books where the elements are used. And a few pages into the book I was shocked to realize that it was a vampire love story. At that point I debated whether to continue reading that or not since most of the books are a messy vampire love fest ( although I love Bella Forrest Shade of Vampire series). But till that point t I had thought the writing was wonderful and the fact that the story centered around a library was something that tempted me very much. So, I let go of my prejudices and decided to give it a try. Glad I did.

The romance is a slow burning one and both Gio and Beatrice are mature characters, which made their interactions all the more realistic. The situation that doesn't allow them to be together was a valid one and it was something that I often thought about when reading immortal/mortal love story.

We see how much they learn about each other as time passes, how comfortable and at ease they are in each others presence. So, if they end up together we know that their love will last. This book has more than  a 1000 five stars and a major factor for t was their touching romance.

The mystery, the one that brings Gio and B together is intriguing, and all the clues left in place made me think of a grand mystery. But, sad to say, I was dissapointed. Maybe something more will happen in the coming books (fingers crossed). I love mystery stories and with all the buildup this one would have been grand, but it let me down.

Moving on, the secondary characters were very well fleshed out- I could easily imagine their reactions. They were very strong characters who left you with impressions marked in concrete. Carwin was easily my favourite. A priest wearing loud Hawaiian shirt, it was enough to giving me a tummy cramping laugh.

The writing was top notch although some words were repetitive, but you wouldn't even notice it in the rush of reading. The loop holes were nicely tied down and I loved how the book ended. A cliffhanger ending that didn't make the book seem unfinished but at the same time exciting enough to make me want to read the next one.

So, overall I liked the book, Mostly for the slow romance and not for the mystery at core. Although it was pretty good, I expected too much I guess.

Rating : 4.5 / 5

Did I mention that I loved the ending.

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