September 20, 2015

Super Sunday- Super Covers#11

This cover stopped me in my tracks and made me notice. Something about the cover,  the elegant font, the rose petals, the woman not in a gown made this memorable enough for me to remember this book after so much time.

The book is Impervious by Laura Kirwan, the first in the City of Eldrich series.

Name: Impervious
Author: Laura Kirwan
Genre: Fantasy romance, urban fantasy
Buy from: Amazon

Here is what the story is about,

“Why couldn't she get me?” 
“Magic doesn't work on you. You're impervious . . .” 

Meaghan Keele faces menopause with no husband, no kids, and a job she hates. At her brother's request, Meaghan moves from Arizona to Pennsylvania to help care for their dying father, taking over his job as lawyer for the tiny town of Eldrich. 

What Meaghan doesn't know is that law was merely her father's day job. Gateways to magical worlds riddle the forests surrounding Eldrich. Unaffected by magic—impervious—her father spent decades mediating magical disputes and guarding the human world. Without his imposing presence, old enemies are stirring. 

Impervious, like her father, Meaghan soon senses that everyone around her is keeping secrets. A shocking confrontation on her first day of work quickly clues her in to her new reality. Her office manager and her secretary are witches. Jamie, her handsome young assistant, isn't exactly human. Eldrich City Hall is haunted. And Meaghan is expected to take over both of her father's jobs. 

Struggling to accept her destiny, Meaghan is soon drawn into a brutal struggle in another world and a growing attaction to John Smith—exiled king, town drunk, and Jamie's estranged father. 
And she thought life in Eldrich would be dull . . .

This cover is in direct contrast to the last one i posted. Which featured a teenage heroine, with hair of gold( it is part of who she is, can you guess?)and wearing a stunning,shimmering gown. Find out here.

While this cover features a woman and not a girl, with short hair and sensible work clothes. But more than that, it was attention paid to the detail tht made me fall in love. The elegant curves and angles of the font, the carelessly flying rose petals and mysterious forest towards which, she is walking to.
What do you think about the cover? are there any covers you want to see featured here, let me know below.
P.s: This is her second books cover, which is also pretty good.

I love the play of lights here, it gives you a very ethereal feel, doesn't t?

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