December 08, 2014

The Girl On Fire- New Urban Fantasy Series

I have started this new series for lovers of fantasy and romance, although i have to a fair warning, it's Y.A.
The Story is about a !7 year old girl Blaze who has the weirdest disease in the world. She sets fire to her room , even if there are no matches or lighters and especially on her birthdays. Rooted up from place to place, friendless and always singled out, she is determined to make it in her new place. But her world is turned upside down when she meets the chocolate eyed sword wielding boy.

As secrets unravel, mayhem ensues and trusts break. It seems blaze is the key to bloodied legacy and doomsday prophecy.

Can she reach upto everybody's expectation and be the hero or will she fall short.

To Find out read Blaze- The Girl on Fire.

                                              CHAPTER 1: PART 1

I knew I was dreaming.Its always the same dream but something was different this time.

The flames surrounding me were still burned blood red ,scaling the tall walls of the room.

Their source,the beacon of fire,tall as a human stood In front of me.I could vaguely feel some force trying to reach me from the other side of he beacon. Even though the beacon stood firm, its flames Intertwining to form a protective barrier in front of me,the dark tendrils of the other force wormed through the barrier.

The beacon had made me feel secure and comforted but the force felt evil and ancient,like  it wanted to suck my life force out of me.

It was trying to lure me ,to be a part of It. I might have succumbed to it but the beacons power kept me at bay.

I looked towards the beacon, something about it was familiar. I Inched towards it but suddenly fell down with a thump. I looked up . I had fallen from a bed. My body was small like a two year old.

Wait! This was a new phase. 

I should have already woken up by now. And why was I a child in my dream instead of a teenager.

 My thoughts were Interrupted by a loud cry.In a voice filled with agony and rage the BEACON cried and turned towards me or rather a human face turned towards me.

Oh god! The source of the flames isn't the beacon. It is a woman,her long hair flew in all directions ,producing brilliant crimson red flames.Flames like shoots of a red marsupial plant shot forth from her body. But It was her face that caught my attention. She looked like me.

Wait I was a child and a woman in the same dream.It made no sense. No wonder these things are called dreams.

The woman  looked at me like someone who knew death could take them any moment and the wanted to spend her last moments cherishing their precious treasures. No one had looked at me like that before. Her angelic face glistened with teardrops. I wanted to go and and wipe off the teardrops from the beautiful flame woman’s face. But suddenly someone snatched me from the ground.

I struggled against the big muscular arms. How dare he take me away from that woman.I could feel flames shooting from my body,tearing me apart, begging for freedom.I was seriously going to hurt someone.

I struggled against my kidnapper. Then I saw his face and time froze.


My dream got distorted and I woke up.What was Phillip doing in my dream and how did I produce flames . I knew it was dream but !.

The flames felt so real.I could still feel it .

Oh no! It is real.

My room was lit up by dancing flames. They scaled the walls ,covering the door and the window and formed a circle around my bed.I stood up on my bed and the flames grew taller, scared I sat down  and the flames grew short.


didn't have anything to put out he fire. Only one thing to do now.

“Mr.Smith. Help. My room Is on fire”, again, I said.

I buried my head in my hands. I cant believe it.  Am I the only one with this weird disease of sleepwalking and setting my room on fire, most importantly, why did it have to happen today of all days.

Suddenly the door burst open.

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