December 08, 2014

The List of Indian Author Chetan Bhagat Books

With the release of Half-Girlfriend , which had created buzz even before releasing, he has once again achieved that top position among the leading Indian writers in English.

So, below is a list of his works . The list is given according to the date of release.

                                               1. Five Point Someone (2004)

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Set in IIT, in the early 90's, Five Point Someone portrays the lives of the protagonist Hari and his two friends Ryan and Alok. It explores the darker side of IIT, one in which students having worked for years to make it into the institute - struggle to maintain their grades, keep their friends and have some kind of life outside studies.

 2.One Night @ the Call Centre (2005)  

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Press 1 for technical support. 
Press 2 for broken hearts.
Press 3 if your life has totally crashed. . . . 

Six friends work nights at a call center in India, providing technical support for a major U.S. appliance corporation. Skilled in patience–and accent management–they help American consumers keep their lives running. Yet behind the headsets, everybody’s heart is on the line. 

Shyam (Sam to his callers) has lost his self-confidence after being dumped by the girl who just so happens to be sitting next to him. Priyanka’s domineering mother has arranged for her daughter’s upscale marriage to an Indian man in Seattle. Esha longs to be a model but discovers it’s a horizontal romp to the runway. Lost, dissatisfied Vroom has high ideals, but compromises them by talking on the phone to idiots each night. Traditional Radhika has just found out that her husband is sleeping with his secretary. And Military Uncle (nobody knows his real name) sits alone working the online chat. 

They all try to make it through their shifts–and maintain their sanity–under the eagle eye of a boss whose ego rivals his incompetence. But tonight is no ordinary night. Tonight is Thanksgiving in America: Appliances are going haywire, and the phones are ringing off their hooks. Then one call, from one very special caller, changes everything.

Chetan Bhagat’s delicious romantic comedy takes us inside the world of the international call center, where cultural cross-wires come together with perfect pathos, hilarity, and spice.

3.The Three Mistakes Of My Life(2008)

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The 3 Mistakes of My Life is set in the later part of the year 2000 and tells the tale of three friends, as they embark on a journey to find success in life and in their careers. Govind, a young boy who lives in Ahmedabad, has always cherished a dream of starting his own business. He has two friends, named Ish and Omi, who are very dear to him. With the intent of including them in his business, he decides to open his own cricket shop.
The 3 Mistakes of My Life highlights Govind's desire to make money and make it big in his career. However, his friend Ish has rather different motives. Instead of his own career, he wishes to mentor a gifted batsman named Ali. Omi, on the other hand, knows just how restricted his own capabilities are, which is why his main goal is to be with his friends in whatever they're doing.
However, will these three friends manage to make it big in a city like Ahmedabad? How will they deal with issues such as love, failure and misfortune, as they crop up along the way? This story aims to deal with these thought-provoking questions.

                                                         4. 2 States(2009)
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2 States is a semi-autobiographical novel written by Chetan Bhagat. This book depicts the common quarrels of couples who come from differing social backgrounds in India and the story being semi-autobiographical makes it all the more relatable.
2 States: The Story Of My Marriage is an entertaining account of a boy and girl who are madly in love but can't get married without their parents' blessings. After spotting Ananya at the IIM Ahmedabad mess fighting with a worker, Krish attempts to befriend her in the hopes of winning her favor. They eventually become a couple and dream of tying the knot, but the task of battling with their parents looms in front of them. They have to overcome their fear of rejection and come up with effective ideas which would result in a happy married life.
Love marriages in India are still a touchy subject in most families and the story draws inspiration from this mentality. How they decide to conquer the hearts of their parents and make their marriage materialize into something more than a dream is something that will keep readers enthralled.

                                                5.Revolution 2020 (2011)

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A tale of dreams, ambitions and unrequited love, Revolution 2020: Love. Ambition. Corruption. explores the lives of three friends from Varanasi, while also painting a stark picture of the country's corrupt political landscape.
Gopal and Raghav are friends who hail from different backgrounds, but share a common hunger for success and realizing their dreams in life. Gopal, whose family has been mired in a never-ending property dispute, yearns to break out and amass wealth, while Raghav harbors dreams of disrupting the political milieu with his ideas of revolutionary change. Their lives take a surprising turn when they fall in love with a mutual friend, Aarti-a move that adds a new layer of complexity to their existing relationship. Aarti, meanwhile, is torn between her feelings for the defiant Raghav and ambitious Gopal. The plot thickens as Gopal gives in to the corrupt system that Raghav is trying to fight to fuel his thirst for riches. Will the volatile situation turn the friends against each other? Will Raghav be successful in his quest for rapid social change? And more importantly, will their closely entwined love lives alter their future forever? in Chetan Bhagat's signature style, Revolution 2020: Love. Ambition. Corruption. charges forward to answer all these questions.

                                      6.What Young India Wants(2012)
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One of India's bestselling authors brings you another interesting and thought-provoking book called What Young India Wants. The future of any nation lies in the hands of the youth of the country and this book explores the problems faced by them. Patriotism is almost unheard of from the youth of today and this book looks into the reasons as to why we have reached this state of affairs.
What Young India Wants looks into some of the crucial questions asked by young people in India. The book takes you through the reasons for the high suicide rate among students, the extent to which corruption has infiltrated the governing systems of the country and whether democracy is truly being fulfilled in the nation.
The book details a critical analysis of the complicated problems faced by India in the 21st century. It also presents possible solutions and invites you to engage with the issues discussed, allowing you to see the problem from its various dimensions.
                            7.Half Girlfriend(2014)

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Once upon a time, there was a Bihari boy called Madhav. He fell in love with girl called Riya. Madhav didn't speak English well. Riya did. Madhav wanted a relationship. Riya didn't. Riya just wanted friendship. Madhav didn't. Riya suggested a compromise. She agreed to be his half-girlfriend. From the author of the blockbuster novels Five Point Someone, One Night @ the Call Center, The 3 Mistakes of My Life, 2 States and Revolution 2020 comes a simple and beautiful love story that will touch your heart and inspire you to chase your dreams.

Among his works the most notable were " 5 Point Someone" , "2 States" , "Revolution 2020".
 He is an Indian author, columnist, screenwriter and speaker. Bhagat is the author of bestselling novels. Bhagat writes op-ed columns for popular English and Hindi newspapers, including The Times of India and Dainik Bhaskar focusing on youth, career  and issue based on national developement. In 2008,  The New York Time cited Bhagat as "the biggest selling English language novelist in India’s history
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